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Reflections on the July public meeting of the ICC

In July, the ICC received a contribution that gives an appreciation of the online meeting on the war in Ukraine and the responsibilities of revolutionaries of 2 July 2022. We wholeheartedly welcome this contribution which gives a very good picture one of the most important disagreements that were raised during this meeting

Presentation to the September 2022 public meetings


To begin this presentation, we would first like to go over the causes of this war, which we have already developed in our previous public meetings and in our press:

- the United States wants to maintain and revive its role as the leading power in the world;

- this is why they tricked Russia into invading Ukraine, saying that in case of invasion they would not intervene;

-following the invasion, they have unleashed a campaign to support Ukraine by forcing European countries to line up behind them;

The ruling class demands further sacrifices, the response of the working class is to fight!

All the reporters and commentators are referring to the current strikes as the biggest working class action in Britain for decades; only the huge strikes of 1979 produced a bigger and more widespread movement. Action on this scale in a country as large as Britain is not only significant locally, it is an event of international importance, a message to the exploited of every country. A full article and international leaflet in pdf form is available here. We encourage our readers to print out copies and distribute them wherever possible. 

ICC online public meeting

The ICC will be holding online public meetings in English to discuss the acceleration of capitalist barbarism, demonstrated by the war in Ukraine as well as by the deepening world economic crisis and the worsening effects of climate change. In considering the response of the international working class, we will pay particular attention to the important workers’ struggles now taking place in Britain.

Come and discuss with us!

Capitalism is burning the planet!

The responsibility for increasing heatwaves and wildfires, and the phenomenon of global warming that lies behind them, lies with the mode of production that rules the planet.


Militarism and Decomposition (May 2022)

In the wake of the Ukraine war, a new text updating our analysis of the growth of militarism in the final phase of capitalist decadence.

After Boris Johnson, the ravages of populism remain

No one will have been surprised that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson finally announced his resignation. But the essential problem for the British bourgeoisie is not Johnson, but the fact that the Conservative Party has been increasingly eaten away by populism

Imperialist and criminal propaganda!

In the ideological campaigns to justify the slaughter in Ukraine, the “western democracies” are equipped with the most subtle and insidious weapons of propaganda.

A barbaric war intensifies

Maternity and children's hospital in Mariopol, Ukraine. While the horrors inflicted by Russian imperialism are difficult to hide, the USA and Ukraine have played an active role in unleashing and perpetuating the massacre

An update of our analysis of the “progress” of the war in Ukraine towards further barbarism and destruction